Saturday, 25 July 2015

DIY: Vintage Paper Doilies

Hi Peeps!

I was scouring Pinterest today looking for some vintage inspiration for an upcoming card kit and came across this delightful image from Country Living...

Vintage Doilies

I loved all the different hues of the vintage lace doilies and it got me to thinking that I could easily recreate that look with my plain old white paper doilies...

How? By staining them with tea and coffee! It's so easy and you can do it too.

DIY Vintage Paper Doilies

What you need:

  • paper doilies
  • cup filled with an inch of cold coffee or tea 
  • cotton balls
  • old newspaper or magazine
  • paper towels

  1. Make your cup of tea or coffee (or both). I used two cups - one with instant coffee and one with ordinary black tea and kept the tea-bag in it. 
  2. Protect your benchtop or table with an old magazine or newspaper. (I used my hubby's old golf magazine, but don't tell him!) Put a piece of paper towel over your magazine - this is going to get quite messy and it makes it easier to peel the doily off when it is soaked.
  3. Place your doily on the paper towel and sponge it all over with a cotton ball soaked in your beverage or use the teabag instead.
  4. Once coated, gently peel the doily from the paper towel and place it somewhere to dry completely (on top of an old towel is perfect).

If your doily tears while wet, don't despair! You can always cover the tear with an embellishment or cut off the torn half as most doilies are quite large and can be cut down for cards anyway.

Coffee will give a really strong colour, and you can experiment with different types of tea - green tea or herbal/fruit teas can give interesting colours but the effect will be quite weak. Nice if you want a subtle hint of colour :)

I hope this encourages you to give tea/coffee-staining a try. It makes your cards smell really good too! Let me know in the comments if you try some different blends, I'd be interested to know how they go!

Happy mailing x

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  1. Lovely! I love coloring paper with tea and coffee to give it a worn look. This is perfect for cards or even a pretty vintage valentine's day party!


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